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Grand Pianos

2001 Steinway Model L 5'10'' Grand Piano

A late-model, all-original Steinway grand. Rich and robust tone, handsome satin ebony finish.


Baldwin SF-10 7' Semi-Concert Grand Piano 1998

Made in the United States in 1998; a celebrated performance instrument in great playing condition.


Baldwin SF10 7' Semi-Concert Grand Piano

Made in the USA; one of America's most celebrated performance instruments for decades.


Chickering 'Cocked Hat' Corner Grand Piano Rare Antique

An extremely rare mid-19th century design. Magnificent rosewood cabinet with ornate styling.


Kawai 5'10'' Grand Piano KG-2E Polished Ebony

A handsome Japan-made piano with a rich, warm tone. Clean and bright interior.


Mason & Hamlin BB 7' Semi-Concert Grand Piano Satin Ebony

An affordable, classic golden-era Boston Mason & Hamlin. Warm and robust American tone!


Mason & Hamlin Model A 5'8'' Grand Piano Walnut

A lovely instrument from one of America's finest heirloom-quality makers. Privately owned and...

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Steinway Boston + PianoDisc 5'4'' Player Baby Grand Piano GP163

Plays itself with included PianoDisc system! Polished red mahogany finish. Beautiful American tone.

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Steinway Boston 5'4'' Player Grand Piano GP-163 Polished Mahogany 2007 PianoDisc iQ

Built in 2007, excellent cosmetic and musical condition. Lovely polished red mahogany. Plays itself...


Steinway Model A-II Grand Piano Restored Victorian 6'1''

A fully restored American classic. Breathtaking Victorian cabinet in figured mahogany.


Steinway Model A-III 6'4'' Grand Piano Ebony

A rare 'long' Steinway A-III in great playing condition, privately owned. Classic satin ebony...


Steinway Model B 7' Semi-Concert Grand Piano

An American masterpiece in excellent playing condition. Privately owned with a new action recently...


Steinway Model C 7'5'' Semi-Concert Grand Piano

A classic Steinway with a rich, bold, and distinctive musical character. Diligently maintained with...


Steinway Model L 5'10'' Grand Piano Ebony Satin 1967 Restored

A completely restored and refinished American classic. Beautiful warm, rich tone.


Steinway Model L Crown Jewel Walnut 5'10'' Grand Piano 1999

Crafted in 1999. Luxurious walnut Crown Jewel cabinet. Robust and bold tone!


Steinway Model L Tiffany Limited Edition 5'10'' Grand Piano 1999 African Pommele PianoDisc iQ

Limited edition (34/200) J.B. Tiffany-inspired design. Crafted in 1999. Commemorates the 200th...


Steinway Model M 5'7'' Grand Piano 1965

A classic example of American craftsmanship. Well maintained with new action parts recently...


Steinway Model M 5'7'' Grand Piano Walnut Restored

Fully restored inside and out to remarkable visual and playing condition. Attractive new satin...


Steinway Model M Grand Piano Moroccan Coral 5' 7

Fully restored inside and out to remarkable visual and playing condition. Attractive new Moroccan...


Steinway Model M Grand Piano St Lucia Blue

Fully restored inside and out to remarkable visual and playing condition. Attractive new St Lucia...


Steinway Model O 5'10'' Grand Piano African Mahogany

A classic Steinway, originally built in 1905, previously restored. A tremendous value!


Steinway Model O 5'10'' Grand Piano White/Ivory (Restored 2017)

A stunning fully-restored Steinway Model O. A wonderful playing experience. Gorgeous new...


Yamaha 7'4'' Semi-Concert Grand Piano G7

An excellent value on a quality, Japan-made semi-concert grand. Restored action with may replaced...


Yamaha Disklavier C3 Mark IV 6'1'' Grand Piano 2008 (DC3M4)

Showroom condition. Save tens of thousands vs. the comparable new C3. Includes versatile and...

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Yamaha G2 5'7'' Grand Piano Satin Ebony

Rare satin ebony finish. A great home instrument - privately owned, lovingly cared for.

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Yamaha G2 Player Grand Piano 5'7'' QRS PNOmation

A great home instrument for serious pianists. Glorious tone, polished ebony finish. Plays itself...


Yamaha G3 6' Grand Piano Mahogany Satin

An affordable 6' Yamaha grand. Rare satin mahogany finish.

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Yamaha GH1B 5'3'' Baby Grand Piano Ebony Satin 1998

An exceptionally clean and well-built Yamaha at an affordable price. Rare satin ebony finish.