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Chickering 'Cocked Hat' Corner Grand Piano Rare Antique

An extremely rare mid-19th century design. Magnificent rosewood cabinet with ornate styling.

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Piano Facts

Size: 6'5''
Finish: Rosewood
Serial Number: 17282
Year Built: 1857
Condition: Preowned

A rare and beautiful antique.

Chickering was the preeminent American piano maker of the 1800s, known for building some of the first pianos in the United States as early as the 1820s. Hand built in Boston, Chickering's pre-1900 pianos are sought after for their distinctively American musical character and beautiful ornate cabinetry.

The 'Cocked Hat' grand piano was a design that was briefly used in the 1850s. It combined elements of two predecessors of the modern grand piano: The cabinet shape of the spinet harpsichord and the action and general design of the square grand. The 'Cocked Hat' moniker originates from the unique shape of the piano's tail, which resembles a top hat cocked at an angle.  Today, the 'Cocked Hat' grand is very rarely encountered - many surviving examples are now found in museums, including one in the collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

Magnificent restored rosewood cabinet with ornate styling.

This piano features an elegant hand-carved rosewood cabinet that was restored approximately 30 years ago. It will be a truly unique and welcome addition to a space with period furnishings. 

This instrument also received some musical and mechanical restoration work at the same time, including new hammers and damper felts.  However, we recommend that additional regulation and adjustment of the action be performed if this piano will be utilized as a musical instrument.