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Steinway & Sons

Steinway Model M 5'7'' Player Grand Piano Walnut Restored PianoDisc/QRS

Fully restored inside and out to remarkable visual and playing condition. Attractive new satin...


Steinway Model B 7' Player Grand Piano PianoDisc/QRS

An American masterpiece in excellent playing condition. Privately owned with a new action recently...


Steinway Traditional K-52 Player Upright Piano 52'' Mahogany PianoDisc/QRS

An heirloom quality handcrafted American upright with a rich and robust tone.


Steinway Model C 7'5'' Player Grand Piano PianoDisc/QRS

A classic Steinway with a rich, bold, and distinctive musical character. Diligently maintained with...


Steinway Model O 5'10'' Player Grand Piano African Mahogany PianoDisc/QRS

A classic Steinway, originally built in 1905, previously restored. A tremendous value!


Steinway Boston 5'4'' Player Grand Piano GP-163 Polished Mahogany 2007 PianoDisc iQ

Built in 2007, excellent cosmetic and musical condition. Lovely polished red mahogany. Plays itself...


Steinway Model A-III 6'4'' Player Grand Piano Ebony PianoDisc/QRS

A rare 'long' Steinway A-III in great playing condition, privately owned. Classic satin ebony...


Restored Steinway Model S 5'1'' Player Baby Grand Piano PianoDisc/QRS

Fully restored inside and out in 2009, gorgeous dark mahogany cabinet.


Steinway Model A 6'2'' Player Grand Piano 2010 Crown Jewel Mahogany PianoDisc/QRS

Crafted in 2010. Luxurious mahogany Crown Jewel cabinet. Rich and robust tone!


Steinway Model L 5'10'' Player Grand Piano Crown Jewel Macassar Ebony PianoDisc/QRS

A unique and visually stunning Steinway Crown Jewel grand. Striking Macassar Ebony finish. Rich and...


Steinway Model B 7' Semi-Concert Grand Piano Light Mahogany 1984

A modern American masterpiece, privately owned. Plays beautifully with a rich and powerful tone....


Steinway Model A-II 6'2'' Player Grand Piano Restored 2017 PianoDisc/QRS

An American classic, just fully restored and ready to play.


Steinway Model O 5'10'' Player Grand Piano Ebony Satin PianoDisc/QRS

A classic Steinway, originally built in 1911 with some restoration work previously completed. A...

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Steinway Boston + PianoDisc 5'4'' Player Baby Grand Piano GP163

Plays itself with included PianoDisc system! Polished red mahogany finish. Beautiful American tone.

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Steinway Model L Tiffany Limited Edition 5'10'' Grand Piano 1999 African Pommele PianoDisc iQ

Limited edition (34/200) J.B. Tiffany-inspired design. Crafted in 1999. Commemorates the 200th...