Mason & Hamlin BB 7' Semi-Concert Grand Piano Satin Ebony

An affordable, classic golden-era Boston Mason & Hamlin. Warm and robust American tone!

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Piano Facts
Length: 7'
Finish: Ebony Satin
Serial number: 40310
Year Built: 1930
Condition: Preowned
Bench: Included

A classic Boston-era Mason & Hamlin.

This Mason & Hamlin 7'' semi-concert grand piano, Model BB, was built in 1930 in the original Mason & Hamlin factory in Boston, it is a prime example of quality American historical pianocraft. 

There is a fraternity of piano enthusiasts who find early 20th-century Mason & Hamlin pianos from the Boston factory to be some of the finest pianos in the world. The signature sound that makes these pianos so sought after is immediately evident the moment you begin to play these instruments.

Warm and robust American tone.

The tone of this instrument is distinctively American - warm, rich and robust.  It has the volume and power that one would expect of a full-size semi-concert grand piano.

Privately owned.

This piano has been privately owned by a single owner for many years.  Although the piano appears to be in original condition based on our inspection, it is in very good condition for its age.  It is possible that it may have received some degree of restoration work 40-50 years ago.

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