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Yamaha U1 Upright Piano 48'' with Quiet Practice

Our best-selling Yamaha U1 bundled with our exclusive Quiet Practice package, featuring the QRS PNOscan optical sensor system.

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Piano Facts
Height: 48''
Finish: Ebony Polish
Condition: Reconditioned
Bench: Included

Caruso Piano Gallery Exclusive.

We've bundled our best-selling Four Star Certified Reconditioned Yamaha U1 with our exclusive Quiet Practice package, featuring the amazing QRS PNOscan II optical sensor system.  The possibilities are amazing:

  • Practice quietly with headphones.  Hear your performance through headphones in real-time while practicing with greatly reduced volume.
  • Learn to play the piano with computer software that responds to your playing in real-time.
  • Record your performance with remarkable precision: compose music, email your performance, or print sheet music.
  • Share your performance in real-time over the Internet.
Learn more about QRS PNOscan II sensor technology >

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21-Point Certification

Each Four Star Reconditioned Piano undergoes an extensive inspection and certification process to ensure optimal playability at an amazing price.


Cabinet buffed and polished to original luster. Brass hinges, pedals, and lock assembly cleaned and polished.

Soundboard & Bridges

To insure tonal quality and stability, the soundboard is inspected for full structural integrity, proper adhesion of ribs, and absence of cracks. Bridges are inspected to ensure they are free from critical cracks. Bridge pins are inspected for proper side-bearing.


The downward pressure of the strings against the bridges is tested to ensure the proper soundboard crown, tone quality, and resonance.


To ensure tuning stability, the structural integrity of the pinblock is assured by testing the upward and downward torque of the tuning pins.

Tuning Pins

Tuning pins are found to be clean, free of corrosion, and of uniform size. Proper spacing between string coil and plate is ensured.


Strings are free of corrosion, rust, and damage from liquid intrusion.


Construction and geometry of the keybed are checked to ensure proper operation of the action.


Keys are removed and rail pins are individually inspected and cleaned. Worn punchings are replaced.


Keytops and keyfronts are cleaned or replaced as necessary to ensure uniform bright-white appearance.

Key Bushings

Worn key bushings are replaced to ensure proper lateral tightness of the keys.

Pedals / Trapwork

All pedal rods and trapwork are adjusted to ensure proper operation of the pedals. Worn felt bushings are replaced as necessary to ensure quiet operation.


Damper felt is inspected for proper hardness. Damper levers and wires are adjusted for proper and efficient operation.


Hammers are inspected and reshaped to attain the correct firmness and geometry, assuring full and proper contact with the string.

Shanks / Flanges

Operation of the flanges, center pins, and bushings are tested to ensure efficient and fluid motion of the hammer.


All components of the wippen assembly are inspected and adjusted as necessary to ensure efficiency of motion between the key and the hammer assembly.


Warn or degraded hammer return spring cords are replaced on Yamaha upright pianos to ensure proper note repetition and dexterity of the action.


Technicians clean and inspect the structural integrity of the sound plate.


The touchweight of each piano is adjusted to retain the lightness and agility that are the hallmarks of Yamaha and Kawai pianos while still allowing for a satisfying dynamic and expressive range.


The action is adjusted to ensure that each piano has a consistent, efficient, and expressive feel and touch in all registers of the instrument.


The tone quality of each piano is adjusted and perfected to reflect the clarity, brightness, crispness, depth of tone that is inherent in Yamaha and Kawai pianos.

Moisture Content / Seasoning

The equilibrium moisture content (EMC) of the critical wood components of all pianos are carefully monitored to ensure compatibility with all North American climates. Soundboards are repeatedly tested and found to be at or near the recommended 7% for North American homes.

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'Series' denote the time period of original manufacturing. All have just been reconditioned to excellent condition regardless of chronological age. 'Super' U1's and U3's feature upgraded scale designs, action elements, and/or cabinet styling.

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