Yamaha C7 7'4'' Semi-Concert Grand Piano ( Two to Choose From )

A world-class performance instrument, found in studios and concert halls nationwide.

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Piano Facts
Length: 7'4''
Finish: Ebony Polish
Serial number: 2980415
Year Built: 1979
Condition: Preowned
Bench: Included

An amazing piano!

Two arrived this week and will be ready soon - Yamaha C7 7'4'' Semi-Concert Grand Piano received the highest level of maintenance and care.  Don't miss an opportunity to own what many consider the most versatile semi-concert grand in the world.

Fantastic sound, bold and rich.

We found this C7 to be a dynamic and satisfying instrument to play, with a quick, responsive action and tone that is characteristically Yamaha: Crisp and bold, but with a fullness and richness that one can only expect from a piano of this size. If you've been shopping for a 7-foot piano of any brand (Steinway B, Baldwin SF10, etc.) we encourage you to give this one a try - you'll be very pleased!

We've just completed a thorough technical servicing of this instrument to ensure a great playing experience.

A world-class performance instrument.

Since its introduction in 1967, the Yamaha C7 has become one of the few instruments to rival the Steinway B in performance reputation, stature among serious pianists, and placement in demanding concert and recording settings. Its powerful and versatile tone has led it to become a favorite of contemporary recording artists and studios worldwide.

Condition notes

This instrument is in very good overall mechanical condition.  The finish is original; while in very solid condition overall, it does exhibit some cosmetic streaks running the length of the rear portion of the lid (see the photos for a detail).  These streaks are not uncommon in polyester finishes and are primarily visible only when direct light is reflected off of the lid.  They are purely cosmetic in nature, do not affect the musical performance of the piano, and are not likely to change or worsen over time.

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