Yamaha Disklavier Baby Grand Piano DGA1 4'11''

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A quality Japan-made baby grand, great for tight spaces. Plays itself with amazing included player piano technology!
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Piano Facts
Length: 4'11''
Finish: Ebony Polish
Serial number: 5852311
Year Built: 1999
Condition: Preowned
Bench: Included

A quality player baby grand, great for tight spaces.

This Yamaha Disklavier 4'11'' player baby grand piano, Model DGA1, was made in Japan in 1999. It's a great opportunity to own a quality, well-made instrument from one of the world's best production piano makers at an affordable price.  Always wanted a beautiful baby grand for your home but can't give up the space for a larger piano?  This is a great instrument for you!

If you've experienced a modern player piano, you're likely aware of the remarkable entertainment potential it can have in your home. It's a truly unique experience that will amaze your guests.

The tone is classic Yamaha: crisp, bright, and clean with a surprising amount of volume for a baby grand of its size.  The touch is light, even, and responsive.

A beautiful addition to your home.

The polished ebony finish gleams and the interior is virtually spotless. It's a great musical instrument in an extremely attractive package that will be a welcome addition to any setting.

Live piano performance at the touch of a button.

Best of all, it's a Disklavier! Enjoy live piano performance in your home anytime with the touch of a button. Watch your piano play itself to the amazement of your family and guests.

Upgrades Available

Upgrades are available to enhance the playback capabilities of this piano's Disklavier Mark II XG Playback system.  Open this piano up to an amazing world of new player piano technology with the QRS PNO3 MIDI Upgrade (sold separately), transforming this piano into an iPad-ready, wireless smart home entertainment device. 

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