Yamaha Disklavier C3 Mark IV 6'1'' Player Grand Piano 2004 (DC3M4)

Showroom condition. Save tens of thousands vs. the comparable new C3. Includes versatile and full-function Disklavier Mark IV system.

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Piano Facts
Finish: Ebony Polish
Serial number: 6091625
Year Built: 2004
Bench: Included

An amazing value!

With new Disklavier C3 player grand pianos priced over $70,000, you will undoubtedly appreciate the amazing value afforded by this excellent preowned specimen.  Built in 2004 and previously in the home of a private owner, this beautiful instrument has been kept in showroom visual condition and will be a welcome addition in any setting.

A world-class performance instrument.

The Yamaha C3 is one of the world's most widely celebrated grand pianos.  It has been universally acclaimed for decades as a wonderful marriage of sound engineering, stable and consistent manufacturing, and remarkable attention to musical detail.  It is a gold-standard performance grade instrument that is suitable for the most discerning pianist.

Live piano performance at the touch of a button.

Best of all, it's a Disklavier! Enjoy live piano performance in your home anytime with the touch of a button. Watch your piano play itself to the amazement of your family and guests.

Versatile and Full-Function Disklavier Mark IV

The Disklavier Mark IV is a remarkably versatile system, arguably comprising the widest onboard feature set of any player piano system ever manufactured, with a wide range of entertainment, practice, and educational possibilities. You'll be amazed at what it can do!

Control Wirelessly from your iPad or iPhone

Use the included wifi adapter to connect your Disklavier to your home network, then download the free Disklavier Controller app from the App Store to control your piano wirelessly from your iPhone or iPad.  Play back music from any source, record, or access DisklavierRadio right from your own device - it couldn't be easier!

About the Yamaha Disklavier Mark IV (from the manufacturer)

An Easy-to-Use, Yet Advanced Music Entertainment System

Music So Inspiring You'll Want to Sing Along

Just connect a microphone to the Disklavier Mark IV piano and sing along through its built-in speakers. To fine-tune your experience, the Mark IV offers performance-enhancing vocal effects including room, stage, hall, and reverb. You can choose to display song lyrics externally on any TV monitor or on internally via the Tablet Remote Control. To browse the vast library of song disks available, visit www.yamahamusicsoft.com.

A Built-In Amplified Speaker System Only Possible From Yamaha

The Disklavier Mark IV performs as a stand-alone unit or as part of the ultimate home audio/video system. With genuine Yamaha speakers, each powered monitor is discretely mounted at an outward angle sending music away from the piano for a more spacious overall sound. For larger audio systems and installations, flexible output routings are provided to send music to any part of the house your system allows. Outputs assigned to areas far from the Disklavier can have a digital piano sound inserted into the audio stream, while keeping a background only mix sounding in areas near the acoustic piano.

Low-Profile Hardware Provides the Gateway for All of Your Music Software

Using the Media Center, software can be played directly from the built-in floppy disk and CD drives, and removable USB storage devices*, or loaded to internal memory for easy access. Convenient connections include headphone outputs, microphone input, and USB ports. The retractable glossy, black cover conceals the Media Center and matches the finish of the piano's cabinetry.

* Certain USB storage devices may not function properly with the Disklavier Mark IV Series.For a list of compatible products, please visit www.yamaha.com/disklavier.

Music on Command with IDC and Disklavier™ Mark IV

From the latest tunes to the most cherished classics, Internet Direct Connection (IDC) puts all the songs you want to listen to right at your fingertips. IDC allows you to connect your Disklavier directly to the Internet, giving you access to special Disklavier network services. You can select DisklavierRadio to stream broadcasts, DisklavierMusicStore to preview, purchase, and download songs, or Network Update to receive product updates. With IDC and the Disklavier Mark IV, you'll always be just a stream or a download away from your very own command performance!

DisklavierRadio: The Power of Streaming

With IDC, the Disklavier Mark IV functions as a radio by streaming songs. DisklavierRadio subscribers can choose from among more than 10 music channels. And piano selections played on the Disklavier truly resonate when instrumental accompaniment is streamed through Disklavier speakers.

DisklavierMusicStore: A Multitude of Tunes

The DisklavierMusicStore has something for everyone. IDC delivers a comprehensive collection of song titles, conveniently organized by genre, to the Disklavier pocket remote control for downloading without using a PC*! Thousands of titles to choose from make the search for a tune as much fun as the find. Thirty-second previews let you audition songs before making your selection. And purchasing and downloading can be done by individual song or by album to suit your needs. Search, preview, purchase, and download – it's just that easy!

* A PC is required for initial registration only.

The Sounds and Sights of Music

While the Disklavier Mark IV is known for appeasing the ears, with PianoSoft•Plus Graphics, it can also appeal to the eyes. Images corresponding to tunes being played on the Disklavier piano can be displayed on any available monitor, providing visual accompaniment to your musical moments.

* Notes:
IDC can be added to currently owned models of Disklavier Mark IV by upgrading the firmware installed in the hardware. A monthly fee is required for streaming services. A fee is charged for DisklavierRadio download services in accordance with the amount downloaded. DisklavierRadio is currently available only in the U.S.

Quality Meets Quantity, Performances by world-class artists on PianoSoft™

PianoSoft Solo™ Series

World-class solo pianists perform piano-only music upon your request. Available in many genres, these selections are for the piano purist in all of us. With everything from country to contemporary, and from ragtime to Rachmaninoff, PianoSoft Solo makes the legendary Yamaha acoustic piano the featured soloist.

PianoSoft Plus Audio™ Series

Introduced with the revolutionary Disklavier Mark III, this CD-based software line takes advantage of everything digital audio has to offer. Specially recorded vocal and ensemble parts accompany the Yamaha acoustic piano for the ultimate in realism and accuracy.

PianoSoft Plus™ Series

The 'Plus' adds digital instruments to the solo piano appropriate for the style of music selected. You may hear full orchestras including strings, horns, and percussion, or a Country band, a Rock band, and much more.

Smart PianoSoft™ Series

Cutting-edge PianoSmart technology is at the heart of Smart PianoSoft, the Mark IV's fastest growing line of software. Traditional store-bought audio CDs (that you may very well already own) can accompany the Disklavier's professionally arranged piano performance. Recordings don't get any more authentic than the original artists, and that's exactly what Smart PianoSoft delivers…by the hundreds.

Built-In PianoSoft Sampler – The Disklavier Mark IV is Ready to Play

Every Mark IV Disklavier comes pre-installed with hours of music right from the factory featuring selections from PianoSoft Solo, PianoSoft Plus, and even PianoSoft Plus Audio! This means that the moment your Mark IV is delivered and powered-up, you'll be listening to music right away.

You can purchase and, in many cases, download titles from the PianoSoft catalog, or view the entire catalog at www.yamahamusicsoft.com.

Practice Makes Perfect

More Than a Piano – the Yamaha XG Tone Generator

Many educational software titles are available with ensemble backgrounds to accompany practice. The Yamaha XG tone generator has hundreds of high-quality instrumental voices to get the most out of your accompaniment.

The New AEM Tone Generator

Taking digital instruments to new levels of realism, the new AEM (Articulation Element Modeling) tone generator breathes new life into orchestrated backgrounds. This next-generation sound source produces the subtle nuances heard in brass, saxophone, and string sections. Regular software, including educational and even karaoke titles, will spring to life with Yamaha's latest sound technology.

Practice One Hand While the Disklavier Plays the Other

Every teacher knows that practicing hands separately improves speed, accuracy, and memorization. With the ability to play the right and left hands independent of one another on selected software titles, as well as vary the tempo, practicing piano on the Disklavier has become a truly interactive experience. Add to this the fact that many popular method and lesson books are being offered with hands-separate recordings on disk, and you've got the ultimate music practice partner.

Digital Quiet Mode/Headphone Mode Flexibility

Yamaha Sound Muting System allows you to instantly switch off the sound of the acoustic piano, enabling the digital piano to be played at ultra-quiet volumes. With this feature, you can play and listen in Quiet Mode with the built-in speakers or in Headphone Mode via the privacy of dual headphones. Enjoy the Disklavier anytime at a sound level best suited for you and those around you.

The Ideal Synergy of Audio, Video, and One Beautiful Acoustic Piano PianoSmart™

PianoSmart™ Audio Synchronization

You won't need to look too hard to find audio CDs that are compatible with your Mark IV Disklavier – you probably already own them. Thanks to PianoSmart, any one of hundreds of standard store-bought audio CDs are ready to play along with the Mark IV. All that's required is the corresponding Smart PianoSoft title for the CD of your choice. So choose a CD of a world-class Yamaha artist playing the piano and watch the Mark IV match the piano recording with the CD. After you load titles into the Mark IV's internal memory, PianoSmart automatically and seamlessly synchronizes your audio each time.

PianoSmart™ Video Synchronization

Yamaha didn't stop at just playing audio CDs along with your Disklavier. PianoSmart also provides you with the ability to synchronize videotaped performances with the Mark IV. By simply connecting the audio jacks of a standard video camcorder to the SYNC jacks of the I/O Center, your performance can be immortalized for playback on the Mark IV and a standard TV monitor at the same time!

Classic Form Contemporary Function

SmartKey™ – Now Anyone Can Play Right Away

Have you ever dreamed of playing the piano but thought you didn't have time to learn? With SmartKey technology, the new Disklaviers can make your dream come true. Even if you've never touched a keyboard or read a note of music in your life, the new SmartKey feature makes it easy to learn without a single lesson. Just follow along as SmartKey shows you which notes to play by partially depressing the next key in the melody. SmartKey prompts the Disklavier to wait for you and play at a speed within your comfort zone. Within minutes, you'll be playing entire songs while the Disklavier follows your lead with virtuoso harmonies and arpeggios.

CueTIME™, another exciting development in music software, offers sophisticated auto-accompaniment where you don't play along with recordings – the recordings play along with you! Simply play the printed piano part and the digital orchestra follows your cue, matching your pace and enhancing your performance with professional arrangements.

* Note: SmartKey software may not be available in some countries. 

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Founded in 1887 in Hamamatsu, Japan, Yamaha has established a strong reputation as the world's preeminent maker of production pianos, known for their consistency, longevity, and durability. 

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