Yamaha G2 5'7'' Grand Piano Polished Walnut

A fantastic instrument and furnishing, built in Japan in the 1980s. Rare Polished Walnut finish.

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Piano Facts
Finish: Walnut
Serial number: 3690861
Year Built: 1983
Condition: Preowned
Bench: Included

A fantastic home instrument.

The Yamaha G2 5'7'' grand piano may be the ideal home instrument for serious pianists. Big enough to produce a wonderful tone but small enough to fit in many rooms. This piano was built in Japan in the 1980s - it was previously in a private home and was well maintained.

The perfect size for the best tone.

Acoustically speaking, grand pianos which are 5'7" to 6'1" in length are almost ideally sized for an even, balanced tone across the entire instrument. Large enough to accommodate bass strings that give the instrument power, volume, and fullness, but not so large that the bass overpowers the treble register. It's optimally sized to give you the smoothest, most even transitions from the very bottom to the top. You're going to love it!

A fantastic value!

With the comparable new piano (the Yamaha C2X) priced in the $40,000s, you'll appreciate the great savings afforded by this preowned Yamaha. It's a great opportunity to own a high-quality Japan-made instrument at a fantastic price.

Rare Polished Walnut finish.

Yamaha pianos feature high-polished ebony finishes almost exclusively - it's extremely rare that we come across one in this attractive Polished Walnut finish.  It's a great choice for more classic interiors and rooms where a black piano would be inappropriate.  It's a fantastic musical instrument in a package that is very aesthetically appealing.

Condition notes

This piano is in excellent all-original condition overall. A few areas exhibit very minor cosmetic lightening due to sun exposure. This is extremely common in wood-finish pianos and typically doesn't detract from its visual presentation in most settings.

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