Kawai GE-20 5'1'' Player Baby Grand Piano 2003 PianoDisc

A beautiful, space-saving baby grand made in Japan. Save thousands off the comparable new piano. Plays itself with included PianoDisc player system!


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Piano Facts
Finish: Ebony Polish
Serial number: 2492420
Year Built: 2003
Condition: Preowned
Bench: Included

A beautiful, space-saving baby grand.

Are you in the market for a new Kawai baby grand piano? Save thousands with this quality Japan-made Kawai GE-20 5'1'' player baby grand piano.  A space-saving variation of Kawai's celebrated RX scale design, it's an instrument with an uncommonly full and rich tone for its size.  Built in 2003, this privately-owned baby grand will be a welcome addition to the home of a pianist of any skill level.

It plays itself!

This piano features a PianoDisc PianoCD system, already installed by the previous owner.  Amaze your friends and guests as they watch your piano play itself with real moving keys and vocal/instrumental accompaniment.

Upgrades are available (sold separately) to transform this piano into a wireless, invisible playback experience driven by your smartphone or tablet.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.

About the Kawai GE-20 (from the manufacturer)

Drawing upon years of intelligent engineering and technical artistry, Kawai created the GE series grand pianos, offering the rich, full-bodied tone that one might expect from much larger grand pianos. 

NEOTEX™ Key Surfaces

GE Series weighted and balanced keys feature Kawai's exclusive NEOTEX key surfaces made with cellulose fiber. NEOTEX offers the smooth understated texture of natural ivory and ebony... and a semi-porous silica-filled surface to absorb the hand's natural oils and perspiration. It resists cracking and fading over years of use... and is static-resistant to prevent the build-up of unwanted dust. The result is a beautiful, long lasting key surface with exceptional playability.

Duplex Scale

The duplex scale enhances harmonics in the treble range adding brilliance and richness to the piano's tone.


Agraffes insure accuracy in string alignment, spacing and angles to produce greater uniformity of tone and consistent "speaking length" for each note.

Premium Soundboards

Kawai's wood technologists use all the senses... sight, smell, touch and sound... in the selection of the finest woods. The GE Series soundboard is made of solid quarter-sawn spruce that is carefully chosen, and scientifically tested to exceed Kawai's demanding resonance standards for superior tone.

Steel Reinforced, Anti-Warp Keyslip

The GE Series keyslips are reinforced with a heavy-gauge steel inside liner that prevents warping or bending in any direction. Keys move freely with virtually no possibility of rubbing against the inside of the keyslip.

Steel Reinforced Keybed

The GE Series keybed is made of extremely strong, laminated hardwoods. Kawai also reinforces each keybed with an underside steel support beam for maximum stability.

Fully Laminated Beams

The beams are made of select hardwood laminates, glued together under pressure, making them virtually isotropic (equally strong in all directions) and impervious to weather changes and warpage. Our LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) construction method creates beams that are many times stronger than ones made of solid wood.

Multi-Laminated Pinblocks

The pinblock is laminated with a minimum of 11 cross-banded layers of hard rock maple. Lamination provides more strength, greater pressure and more balanced torque on the tuning pins for superior tuning stability.

"Soft Fall" Fallboard

Our ultra-slow, "Soft-Fall" fallboard closing system with dual-damping mechanism protects hands and the piano's finish from the harm that a jarring close might cause.

Adjustable Music Desk

The GE Series music desks are adjustable forward and backward to suit the needs of the player.

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