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Otto Altenburg 5'9'' Player Grand Piano OA-510 Polished Ebony PianoDisc/QRS

A modern piano from a respected maker at an amazing price!

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Piano Facts
Finish: Ebony Polish
Serial number: IRLG0048
Year Built: 1998
Condition: Preowned
Bench: Included

A fantastic value!

This Otto Altenburg 5'9'' Grand Piano, model OA-510, is a great opportunity to own a modern grand piano, ''ready to play'' with a great tone and touch, at an extremely affordable price.  It is in very good overall condition, cosmetically and musically.

The ideal size?

At 5'10'' in length, this piano represents what many believe to be acoustical ideal for a studio grand piano, with just the right proportion of volume and tone all the way across the instrument.  It is large enough to produce a rich, full bass without the bottom end of the piano overpowering the treble register.  It is the perfect size for many spaces.

A modern piano from a respected maker.

This piano was built in 1998.  Otto Altenburg is the private label brand of the Altenburg Piano House of Elizabeth, New Jersey, a piano maker and retailer operating since 1847.

Otto Altenburg pianos were manufactured by Samick Musical Instruments, one of the world's largest musical instrument manufacturers.  The 1980s and 1990s are considered a "Golden Age" for Korean pianos, during which both of the major Korean manufacturers (Samick and Young Chang) produced many instruments at a high quality level.  These instruments have proven to be extremely resilient over time and we are always very happy to have them in our showroom.

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It plays itself!

Includes custom installation!

Prior to delivery, we'll transform this piano into an iPad-ready, wireless smart home entertainment device with a custom-installed player piano system. Listen to beautiful piano music any time you want, produced live at your piano with real moving keys. An included speaker gives you live vocal and instrumental accompaniment.

QRS PNOmation Player Pianos PianoDisc Player Piano Systems
QRS or PianoDisc: Choose from the best.

Choose from the industry-leading QRS PNOmation3 or PianoDisc iQ Playback Bundles, either one included in the purchase price.

The power of choice.

We empower you to select the best player technology for your needs. But which one is best for you? Just ask us - We'll help you navigate the player piano world and help you find the perfect choice.

QRS or PianoDisc: Which is right for me?

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