Steinway Model O 5'10'' Player Grand Piano Restored PianoDisc iQ

A classic Model O, fully restored in 2005. Gorgeous tone! Plays itself with included PianoDisc iQ player system!


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Piano Facts
Finish: Mahogany
Serial number: 139233
Year Built: 1910
Condition: Restored
Bench: Included

A beautifully restored classic Steinway.

This Model O is Steinway's classic Living Room Grand piano design.  For much of the 20th century it was unavailable to buyers in the United States as it was produced in the Hamburg factory only.  The O was restored to US production in 2005 and it is now the current design available at this size point for Steinways worldwide.

This Model O was privately owned by a family in Connecticut.  It received a complete restoration in 2005, and the result is a supremely satisfying musical instrument that will be a treasured heirloom for generations to come.

The included PianoDisc player system enhances the enjoyment of the instrument in your home by giving you access to live piano performance on-demand, whether or not you play.  Listen to your favorite piano music (with instrumental and vocal accompaniment) anytime.

Restoration work including the following:

  • New pinblock
  • New soundboard and bridges
  • New strings and tuning pins
  • Fully restored action with new German Renner wippens, hammers, shanks, and flanges
  • Refinished figured mahogany cabinet
  • Replated nickel hardware
  • New Steinway & Sons historic soundboard logo applied
  • New Steinway & Sons contamporary fallboard decal applied
  • New keytops and keyfronts

Gorgeous tone!

The tone of this instrument is classic Steinway: Rich, full, and complex with a great capacity for power and depth.  It will be a worthy instrument for a pianist at any level, or anyone who appreciates the finest in American pianocraft.

Own a piece of America's heritage.

For over 150 years, Steinway & Sons have been making the finest handmade pianos in the world and have set an uncompromising standard for sound, touch, beauty and investment value. Preferred overwhelmingly by 9 out 10 concert artists, composers, performers and countless piano enthusiasts.

Condition notes

Buyers should note that portions of the cabinet (primarily the lid and rear portion of the rim) exhibit some cosmetic lightening due to sun exposure, acquired after the instrument was refinished.  This phenomenon is extremely common in wood-finish pianos (with virtually all natural wood Steinways exhibiting it to some degree).  It is purely cosmetic in nature and is perceptible only when the lid of the piano is closed completely.  Otherwise this instrument presents beautifully visually and mechanically.

It plays itself!

We'll upgrade this piano's existing PianoDisc system to the amazing PianoDisc iQ Intelligent Player System prior to delivery, included in the sale price. Invisible, with no control box, no CD's or disks needed. Play music using your smartphone, iPad, just about any modern device you already own.

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