2007 Steinway Model S 5'1'' Baby Grand Piano Crown Jewel Mahogany

Rare Crown Jewel Mahogany finish. Crafted in New York in 2007.

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Piano Facts
Finish: Mahogany
Serial number: 578882
Year Built: 2007
Condition: Preowned
Bench: Included

A beautiful, late-model Steinway baby grand!

Here is a great opportunity to save tens of thousands of dollars on a lovely, late-model Steinway Model S.  This instrument came to us from a private owner here in Connecticut, and it will make a wonderful addition to any space that demands a high-quality baby grand piano.

As one would expect of a recent-vintage Steinway, it is an exceptionally enjoyable piano to play, with a surprising amount of body and richness for a 5'1'' baby grand.  If you've always wanted a Steinway grand but can't accommodate a larger piano this is the ideal instrument for you!

Crafted in New York in 2007, this instrument features Steinway's elegant Crown Jewel Mahogany finish.  It is all-original with all genuine Steinway parts intact.

Own a piece of America's heritage.

For over 150 years, Steinway & Sons have been making the finest handmade pianos in the world and have set an uncompromising standard for sound, touch, beauty and investment value. Preferred overwhelmingly by 9 out 10 concert artists, composers, performers and countless piano enthusiasts.

About the Steinway Model S (from the manufacturer)

At 5'1'' (155 cm), this piano is the smallest of the Steinway grands. This design was introduced in the 1930s to invite the majesty of the Steinway sound into almost any space.

About the Crown Jewel Collection

The Steinway Crown Jewel collection is an exclusive series of spectacular grand and upright pianos that feature particularly fine veneers. The veneers are meticulously put together with great artistic skill by Steinway experts. Each instrument is therefore a precious and unique masterpiece.


Mahogany varies from golden to deep red-brown in color. May contain attractive figures such as fiddleback, stripe and mottle. Grown in Central and South America.

Condition Notes

Built in 2007, this piano is in excellent original mechanical condition.  There is an area of cosmetic wear on the rear portion of the lid, visible primarily in reflection of direct light - please see the photos for details.  

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