Steinway Boston UP-118S 46'' Upright Piano Honey Oak

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A great Steinway-designed performance instrument. Beautiful American tone, gorgeous honey oak cabinet.
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Piano Facts
Finish: Oak
Serial number: 138118
Year Built: 2000
Condition: Preowned
Bench: Included

A great Steinway-designed performance upright.

This Steinway Boston UP-118S 46'' upright piano, built in the year 2000, is a fantastic practice and performance instrument that will be welcome in any setting.  It's a great opportunity enjoy the benefits of Steinway's world-class piano design for a fraction of the cost of a comparable new piano.  Although the durable UP-118S was built to withstand to rigors of school music room use, this instrument was purchased by a private owner and has been well-maintained.

Beautiful American tone.

Boston pianos are designed by Steinway & Sons and built in Japan by Kawai. They combine some of the most positive elements of both makers: Consistency and affordability of a Japanese piano and the warmth, depth of tone, and action responsiveness of a Steinway.  It's a great combination that produces a very enjoyable instrument to play.

About the Boston UP-118S (from the manufacturer)

Boston uprights offer the same standards of excellence which characterize all instruments designed by Steinway & Sons. A Boston upright will give you the same opportunities to express your musical skill as a grand.

In comparison to other pianos, the Boston has less string tension. This reduced string tension allows for a larger, tapered soundboard, creating longer sustain, and more singing quality in the tone (as well as longer piano life). A wealth of other engineering enhancements, including optimal placement of ribs, braces, and bridges, also contribute to the Boston’s superior tone and greater stability.

Each Boston piano soundboard is crafted of Sitka spruce, long proven to be the most resonant material available. Boston soundboards are also precisely tapered, which allows them to vibrate more freely. In conjunction with a number of special technologies — unique patents of Steinway & Sons — the result is a powerful, sustained tone.

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