Yamaha Disklavier Baby Grand Player Piano Polished White 5'3'' DGH1B

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Built in 2000, equipped with a full-function Disklavier Mark III system with record and silent. Gorgeous polished white cabinet.
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Piano Facts
Finish: White
Serial number: 5909885
Year Built: 2000
Bench: Included

This beautiful white Yamaha Disklavier 5'3" baby grand player piano, model DGH1B, was built in Japan in 2000.  It has been privately owned and well cared for.  It will be a joy to own and play in every way.

The included Yamaha Disklavier Mark III technology unlocks a wide variety of amazing additional possibilities. Watch your piano play itself with real moving keys, record your performance, even practice silently!

Tone and Touch

The tone of this piano is classic Yamaha: Clear, crisp, and brilliant.  At 5'3" in length, it is large enough to provide a full and robust tone while occupying a relatively small footprint. It's a great space-saving way to own a late-model, Japan-made Yamaha grand at an affordable price.

Rare White finish.

Yamaha pianos feature ebony finishes almost exclusively - it's extremely rare that we come across one in this attractive polished white finish.  It's a great choice for more classic interiors and rooms where a black piano would be inappropriate.  It's a fantastic musical instrument in a package that is very aesthetically appealing.

About the Disklavier Mark III (from the manufacturer)

Outstanding pianos and sophisticated musical entertainment systems in one!

Classic Yamaha grand pianos fitted with innovative Yamaha electronics, Disklavier Mark III series grands deliver superb musical performance, along with an amazing range of digital/acoustic capabilities.

Digital Quiet/Silent mode flexibility

Yamaha Silent System technology lets you instantly cancel the acoustic piano sound and switch to digital piano tone generation. This means that you can play or listen in Quiet Mode through the built-in speakers, or in Silent mode via the privacy of headphones, letting you enjoy the Disklavier at any time by selecting a sound level suitable to the time of day and the activities of those around you. 

By eliminating the sound of the acoustic piano, this feature also lets you play internal orchestral voices independently – ideal for multi-track recording or use as a MIDI controller. And in digital mode, you can easily tune the piano to match the pitch of other instruments or recordings.

Stereo sampled from the Yamaha concert grand, the digital piano tones are virtually indistinguishable from the original, while a special dual-mode action mechanism maintains traditional keyboard touch and response. Variable reverb effects can simulate the acoustics of various playing environments, and dual headphone jacks let you share a private performance with another, if you like.

More than a piano – a complete entertainment system!

In addition to offering all the traditional attributes of Yamaha acoustic pianos, Disklavier pianos can also play themselves, providing exciting musical entertainment at any time, with or without a pianist. Equipped with a newly designed control unit featuring a built-in CD player and a Yamaha XG tone generator with nearly 700 instrumental voices, Disklavier Mark III Series grands can reproduce vocal parts and the sound of other instruments in conjunction with the piano. This makes it possible for you to host fully orchestrated Disklavier performances with up to 16 piano and ensemble parts. Simply choose from the wide variety of Disklavier software – now available on CDs as well as floppy disks – to experience 'live' concerts by many of the world's best-known classical, jazz and popular artists, as well as a wide range of titles recorded by top studio musicians.

Built-in amplified speaker system

Incorporating their own stereo (60W + 60W) audio system with dual two-way speakers, Mark III Series pianos let you enjoy the sound of ensemble playback along with the acoustic piano itself. There's no complex setup; simply select the music you want to hear, press PLAY and sit back to enjoy the show. In addition to stand-alone ensemble performance, this also allows you to play the digital piano in Quiet mode through the internal speakers, lowering the volume to a level appropriate to the circumstances. You can also use your Disklavier sound system to play your audio CDs. And, with the Disklavier's external connections, you can easily tie it into your home audio system, letting you route the sound through remote speakers to bring the concert to other rooms – even outdoors for parties on the patio. 

Wireless Upgrades Available

Looking for a player piano with the latest player technology?  Upgrades are available (sold separately) to enhance the capabilities of this piano, adding contemporary features such as wireless playback using a smartphone or tablet of your choice and internet connectivity.  Please contact us for details.

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About this Brand

Founded in 1887 in Hamamatsu, Japan, Yamaha has established a strong reputation as the world's preeminent maker of production pianos, known for their consistency, longevity, and durability. 

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