The possibilities are amazing!

Listen to beautiful piano music anytime you want, produced live at your piano with real moving keys.  On this page you'll see pianos with pre-existing player piano technology installed as well as examples of our Custom-Installed Player Bundles.

What are Custom Player Bundles?

Custom Player Bundles are pianos that include a new QRS or PianoDisc playback system custom-installed for you by our factory-certified technicians. We'll install the best system for your needs prior to delivery.

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Player Pianos

Custom Player Bundle New Arrival!

A classic golden-era Boston Mason & Hamlin with recent restoration work completed. Classic figured...

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Built in 2004 and designed by Joseph Pramberger. Warm & rich tone with resonant bass. Plays itself...

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A world-class heirloom grand piano, hand-made in small quantities by master craftsmen. Remarkable...

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Custom Player Bundle

Fully restored inside and out in the 2010s. Stunning figured mahogany finish.

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Built in Japan in 2002, beautiful condition. Equipped with a full-function Disklavier Mark III...

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