Y.S. - Massachusetts

The piano is awesome. It is so well balanced. You should be proud of yourselves. We are so happy for the piano. I would recommend you to my friends that you sell authentic Yamaha pianos.

S.D. - Chicago

"It was a pleasure working with Caruso. You walked us though this process step by step and helped make a cross country purchase / delivery very simple."

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D.F. - New York City

"...The difference between other piano stores I had visited - the hard sell - was so striking measured against your pleasant, gentlemanly manner..."

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M.L. - Massachusetts

"...I've appreciated your honesty and your forthright representation of your business... You listened (rare) and responded in context (even rarer). Thanks."

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M.V. - Western Connecticut

"...You guys are doing a great job at the Caruso store.  Many thanks!"

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E.N. - Northern Virginia

Just want to let you know that my piano arrived today! We are very happy with it and it is the perfect size!! Thanks

N.H. - Massachusetts

Thank you so much for the beautiful work that you did on our piano! It is so good to have my old friend home after so many years.

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R.S. - Montreal, Quebec

"...I would like to thank you sincerely.  You sold me a magnificent piano at an incredible price."

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D.D. - Pennsylvania

Just letting you know that the Mason & Hamlin arrived in our home yesterday. My daughter is thrilled and I'm quite pleased with the condition and sound. Thanks much.

M.S. - San Clemente, CA

I just wanted to tell you that the piano is perfect.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.

B.G. - Westchester County, New York

"...This whole process of buying a piano -- from my first conversation with you to my interactions with your kind delivery service people today -- has been wonderful."

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J.C. - Southwest Connecticut

"...Many thanks to you and your wonderful staff for providing the kind of buying experience that is so rare these days..."

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N.K. - Upstate New York

"...I could not be happier with my decision to buy this piano, and to buy it from Caruso."

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E.R. - South Carolina

"...Thank you so much for your understanding, "I'm interested" spirit.  What a rare treat!"

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H.A. - South Texas

I just received the piano, it sounds and feels great. Thank you, and I appreciate you keeping me up to date along the way, nice working with you guys.

S.B. - Trondheim, Norway

Got the grand piano today and it looks, well... Grand! Very nice, thank you!

S. N. - Cleveland, Ohio

"...I am so happy to have found people who do business like I do...with honesty and integrity..."

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