Thinking about selling your piano?
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Selling a piano is a full-time job. It's what we do all day, every day.
Let our proven, worldwide marketing approach maximize the value of your piano.

What is my piano worth?

For most piano owners, this can be a daunting question. We have the knowledge, expertise, and resources to answer it correctly and maximize the potential value of your piano.

Technical Know-How

Today's buyer expects to be well-informed about their purchase. We inspect and prep all of our pianos, so we can answer the most specific questions with confidence.

We'll Handle the Shipping

We will safely pick up the piano from your home and take care of delivering it to its new home, nationwide or worldwide.

Worldwide Marketing

Someone, somewhere could be looking to buy your piano right now! We have the tools to make sure they find it.

Value-Added Buyer Services

We help arrange buyer financing, tailor it to the buyer's needs, and install new technology options, adding tremendous value to your instrument.

Selling Your Piano: How it Works
We make it


2. We'll get to work for you.

We'll get back to you quickly with an upfront summary of the purchase or consignment options available for your piano. You'll know right away the actual amount that you'll receive.


3. We'll pick it up.

If you like what you see, call us to schedule a pick-up of your piano. Our insured, professional piano moving service will get the piano out of your home right away.

4. You get paid.

You'll receive payment according to the schedule we've discussed with you in advance. It's that simple!

Frequently Asked Questions

Although many sellers choose to operate on a consignment basis with their pianos, we are sometimes able to purchase pianos outright from sellers. Pianos are assessed for potential purchase on a case-by-case basis; if you'd like to know if we'd be able to purchase your piano, please feel free to call or email us.

Yes, in fact most sellers choose to use our services to sell their pianos on consignment.

Sadly, no. Apart from a few exceptions, most older upright pianos we encounter have met or exceeded their intended lifespan and do not retain much value in the open market. Older traditional (roll-style) player pianos are also difficult to sell in today's market because of their intensive maintenance requirements.

This is not our specialty. The value estimates that we can provide you assume that the piano will be listed for sale in the current market, and may not be suitable for purposes of insurance or tax deduction.