The possibilities are amazing!

Listen to beautiful piano music anytime you want, produced live at your piano with real moving keys.  On this page you'll see pianos with pre-existing player piano technology installed as well as examples of our Custom-Installed Player Bundles.

What are Custom Player Bundles?

Custom Player Bundles are pianos that include a new QRS or PianoDisc playback system custom-installed for you by our factory-certified technicians. We'll install the best system for your needs prior to delivery.

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Player Pianos

Custom Player Bundle

A handsome Model L crafted in the late 1980s. Luxurious walnut cabinet. Rich, warm tone.

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Custom Player Bundle

An all-original American Steinway, privately owned. Classic natural walnut finish. A fantastic...

Sale Pending

Custom Player Bundle New Arrival!

Recently restored to wonderful playing condition. Rich American tone, classic traditional walnut...

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