Your piano: The star of the show.

Listen to beautiful piano music anytime you want, produced live at your piano with real moving keys. 

How does it work?

Today's player pianos use small computer controlled solenoids and plungers to move the keys, making the hammers strike the strings the way a performer does. The system is independent of the piano and has no effect on the way the instrument feels or plays. The systems fit on all makes and models of pianos.

Recent improvements in the technology behind player piano systems allow the piano to play at very low volumes, making them ideal for every situation. Earlier models would experience note drop out when turning the piano down to a levels acceptable for home use. This is why many of older systems are not always the best choice.

Invisible, wireless, no disks!

All new player piano installations are invisible, with no large control boxes or disk drives visible to the outside world.  No disruption of the clean lines of your piano's cabinet.  They can be controlled wirelessly using devices you already use - your iPad, smartphone, or laptop is the remote control!

Music On Demand - Digital music storage means no need to buy CDs or disks for your player piano.  A potentially unlimited music library is right there at your fingertips, ready to play when you want it.

How can I get it?

Choose the best player piano option for your needs.

We're here to help! We've outfitted, serviced, and upgraded so many player pianos that we've lost count!  We're enthusiastic about what player pianos can do today and can't wait to tell you more about all of the new ways you can enjoy your piano.

Speak to Brian Biddle, our Piano Technology Specialist, today! Request information using the form on this page or call, email, or visit us.

Purchase a player piano.

Did you know? Every piano in our online piano inventory can be purchased as a player piano.  We'll help you customize the right package for your needs and professionally install it right here in our showroom before delivery.

Transform your piano into a player piano.

Already own a great piano?  Let us transform it into a remarkable player piano with our player piano conversion service.  Modern player piano installations fully preserve the musical and visual integrity of your instrument.  There's no effect on the way the piano feels whatsoever.  No clunky control boxes so you won't even realize its capabilities until it begins to play itself!

What systems do you you work with?

We work with both of the leading manufactures of piano technology systems: QRS PNOmation and PianoDisc.  We'll help you find the best system out there for your needs - contact us for more information or call, visit, or email us today!