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Sonnova Luminos Crystal Clear Acrylic Player Grand Piano

A breathtaking fusion of contemporary design and elegant musical performance. Transparent crystal-clear acrylic cabinet. Plays itself with real moving keys!
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Includes new custom-installed self-playing system.

Additional finishes:
St. Lucia Blue
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Piano Facts
Finish: Clear Acrylic
Bench: Included

Cutting-edge design, extraordinary musical performance.

Introducing the Sonnova Luminos, a stunning clear acrylic grand piano that epitomizes contemporary design, seamlessly blending aesthetics and music into your space.  This exquisite instrument is not only a testament to the evolution of grand pianos but also a striking centerpiece in any modern interior. The ethereal beauty of the Sonnova Luminos makes it the ultimate statement piece for those seeking to blend music and cutting-edge design, elevating your living space to new heights of sophistication and style.

Stunning crystal-clear acrylic cabinet.

The crystal-clear acrylic body of the Luminos Grand allows light to pass through, creating mesmerizing visual effects that capture the essence of modern elegance. This stunning instrument will transform any room into a breathtaking space, where the lines between art, design, and music are blurred. As part of your carefully curated décor, the Sonnova Luminos embodies the harmony between form and function, transcending traditional expectations of what a grand piano should be.

While the Luminos Grand captivates as a contemporary furnishing, it also serves as a fully functional acoustic grand piano. This breathtaking creation effortlessly combines the essence of modern design with the joy of music, making it an exceptional addition to any home. By embracing the future of grand pianos and incorporating them into your interior design, the Sonnova Luminos clear acrylic grand piano becomes a harmonious fusion of art, music, and style, accentuating the beauty of your space.

Luminos player grand pianos support 76 notes of playback

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Includes custom installation!

Prior to delivery, we'll transform this piano into an iPad-ready, wireless smart home entertainment device with a custom-installed player piano system. Listen to beautiful piano music any time you want, produced live at your piano with real moving keys. An included speaker gives you live vocal and instrumental accompaniment.

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