Kawai Pianos for Sale in Brockton MA, Plymouth MA

Piano aficionados are well aware of the quality and appeal of the renowned Kawai piano brand. Caruso Piano Gallery in New London CT would like to introduce you to our selection of world-class Kawai Pianos. When you are in the market for a piano, compare our world-class Kawai Pianos to any other model in the showroom. Founded in 1927, Kawai Musical Instruments is widely regarded as one of the world's finest production piano builders. The beauty, craftsmanship and value of world-class Kawai pianos has captured pianosts, piano teachers, performers and students alike.

We carry some of the world's finest brands of pianos in our New London showroom,where you may compare our beautiful Kawai pianos to similar models by other manufacturers. Helping you select your dream piano is paramount at Caruso Piano Gallery. Just a few hours' drive from Brockton and Plymouth, you will be certain to find what you seek, and at an exceptional value. Caruso Pianos has new and factory reconditioned Kawai grand, upright, hybrid, digital and professional stage pianos. The discerning pianist favors the Kawai brand for its touch, tone and musicality. Kawai pianos rival Yamaha's Japan-made pianos in terms of build quality, durability and longevity. The Kawai hybrid piano is a new breed of instrument created by fusion of acoustic and digital piano elements. Kawai’s exceptional digital pianos offer the finest touch and tone available. Wooden-key actions, Harmonic Imaging sound technology, USB digital audio and our unique Soundboard Speaker System are just a few of the innovations found in our digital pianos and keyboards. The QRS PNOmation or PianoDisc Player Piano Technology can be installed so your beautiful Kawai will play itself! Caruso Pianos is well known for its inventory of high quality pianos, expert knowledge of all the various models, reliable piano delivery service, and more. We buy and sell Kawais and all major brands of pianos, and offer a full complement of piano services from our New London Connecticut location. A family company, Caruso Pianos is a trusted resource as a vendor to reconditioning to piano storage services. We encourage you to compare each model in our showroom. Take as long as you need to test the action, compare the voicing; tell us what you are looking for, and we will find the perfect model for you at an excellent price!


Used Kawai Pianos for Sale in Brockton MA, Plymouth MA

Are you familiar with the selection of pre-owned and factory reconditioned Kawais at Caruso Piano Gallery? Compare our inventory of pre-owned Kawai pianos with brand new models, sit down, test the action, listen to other brands. Our helpful staff are fully versed in all the brands we sell, and we provide you with unbiased assistance while you search for the right model for you. Whether you seek a grand, semi-concert grand, baby grand, or upright model, Kawai pianos are among the highest quality instruments in the world. Kawai acoustic and digital pianos are a top choice among pianists, teachers, churches, students and piano enthusiasts. Caruso Piano Gallery carries pre-owned and factory reconditioned Kawai pianos that are offered at a fraction of the cost of a brand new model. The quality of a used or reconditioned Kawai is not diminished with the age of the instrument, and you will find your perfect piano right here at Caruso.


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Caruso Pianos has been in business since 1929, and we are experts when it comes to the pianos in our showroom. Whether you're shopping for your first piano, searching for the heirloom instrument of your dreams, or looking to maximize the potential of a piano you already own, trust Caruso Piano Gallery to serve all of your piano needs. Shop for a piano from an amazing selection of all major brands, let us help you restore your piano or transform it into a remarkable player piano. Caruso Pianos offers all the ancillary services you would expect from the leading piano center in the northeast. Does your piano need tuning, adjustment, repairs, restoration, or moving? We can help connect you with the right people in the industry for the job. We specialize in player piano technology which can be custom-installed in a piano you already own. We're experts in all major piano technology brands, including QRS PNOmation, PianoDisc, and Disklavier™. Caruso Pianos has happy customers in 50 states and 37 countries, and we look forward to meeting you.


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