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Sonnova Coloratura Conservatory Grand Piano 6'1'' Red

Harmonize your space with vibrant colors and authentic sound. Brand new with a gorgeous polished red cabinet.
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Finish: Polished Red
Bench: Included
A limited supply of brand new Coloratura Conservatory Grands in Polished Red are in stock and available for delivery now.

Experience a fusion of visual elegance and authentic musical expression with the Sonnova Coloratura Conservatory CG-L 6'1'' grand piano. Not only does it offer the rich, unmistakable sound of a classic grand piano, it also complements your unique style and decor. Finished in a variety of colors, it can effortlessly blend into any space that demands a tasteful visual touch without compromising on the need for a grand piano. This finely crafted instrument is perfect for rooms that require a special blend of visual and auditory flair, resonating with your aesthetic sensibilities while filling your space with beautiful, acoustic piano music.

Custom-curated high-polished finishes.

Accentuating your personal style and taste, the Sonnova Coloratura Conservatory CG-L offers an array of vibrant, custom-curated colors that make this piano more than just an instrument, but a stunning home furnishing. Its exterior exhibits a luxurious high-polished finish, reflecting the beauty and variety of musical expression in physical form. Delicate touches, like the contrasting black under-string felt, provide an unexpected edge of sophistication. The stunning colors paired with these unique details come together to create a striking visual masterpiece.

Exceptional tonal breadth and presence.

At 6'1'' in length, the Coloratura Conservatory CG-L's aesthetic elegance is matched by its ability to produce a larger, fuller, and richer sound than its smaller counterparts. Its expanded cabinet (with longer bass strings and greater soundboard surface area) allows for a more resonant bass register and a broader range of expression, making it an ideal choice for both intimate settings and larger venues.

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Forget traditional, inconvenient sales experiences. Sonnova has revolutionized the piano purchasing process with a fully online sales model that puts the customer first. Say goodbye to showroom visits, high-pressure sales tactics, and needless haggling. From the comfort of your own home, you can select and order your Sonnova Coloratura grand piano with just a few clicks. And with our robust nationwide delivery service, your piano can be professionally installed in your home, ready to play, regardless of where you live.

Direct-to-consumer pricing.

Above all, the Sonnova Coloratura Conservatory Grand Piano is designed for every music lover. Its affordability, compared to the quality of sound and design it offers, makes it an incredible value for the money. It is a testament to Sonnova's commitment to make the joy of owning a grand piano accessible to a wider audience.

So why wait? Add a touch of elegance, authenticity, and charm to your space today with the Sonnova Coloratura Conservatory Grand Piano, and make the home your concert hall.

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In Stock and Available Now.

A totally new piano buying experience. 100% online, direct-to-consumer pricing, colorful designer finishes, easy nationwide delivery.

Our mission is to make the experience of buying and owning a piano as enjoyable as playing it.
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A totally new piano buying experience, offered exclusively by Caruso Piano Gallery.  100% online, with direct-to-consumer pricing, colorful designer finishes, and white glove national delivery. Our mission is to make the experience of buying and owning a piano as enjoyable as playing it.

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