Yamaha Pianos for Sale in Barnstable MA, Falmouth MA

Caruso Piano Gallery is a top resource for piano sales and services in the northeast. The Caruso family wants you to consider taking home a world-class Yamaha when you are shopping for your dream piano. Come out to our New London CT showroom to see our selection of new, used and factory reconditioned Yamahas. Hand crafted masterpieces, Yamaha pianos are among the world's most highly respected brands of precision instruments. Caruso's New London showroom is worth the trip from the Cape, and we are certain you will find exactly what you are looking for. Our selection includes grand, semi-concert grand, upright, player pianos and professional stage pianos.

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Kawai Pianos for Sale in Barnstable MA, Falmouth MA

Have you discovered the beauty, craftsmanship and value of world-class Kawai pianos? Piano aficionados come from all over Massachusetts to purchase their dream piano right here at Caruso Piano Gallery in New London CT. Caruso Piano Gallery has some of the world's finest brands of pianos in its showroom, and recommends you sit down with our beautiful Kawai models. Kawai Musical Instruments is widely regarded within the piano community as one of the world's finest production piano builders.

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Used Pianos for Sale in Barrington RI, Bristol RI

Shopping for a used piano in Barrington and Bristol? Caruso Piano Gallery of New London CT is widely regarded as the northeast's most renowned piano dealer, and we have pre-owned and factory reconditioned grands and uprights in our inventory. We pride ourselves on our selection of world-class pianos, from which you will be able to compare their action and tone. It's worth the drive out from Barrington and Bristol RI. Caruso Piano Gallery buys and sells pianos and offers a full complement of ancillary piano services. We are a trusted resource for services such as piano reconditioning and piano storage, piano tuning and maintenance. Come out and marvel at our beautiful pre-owned and factory reconditioned grands, semi-concert grands, baby grands and upright models by Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, and more. Shop our showroom for the piano of your dreams.

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Bristol County Rhode Island

A leader in the northeast for piano sales and service, Caruso Pianos is a family company serving our good friends in Bristol County RI. Caruso Piano Gallery has a reputation for having the best selection of the finest brands of pianos available. We have a varied inventory of new and pre-owned Pianos, Steinway Pianos, Yamaha Pianos, and Kawai Pianos. We have an excellent selection of grand pianos, semi-concert grands, baby grand pianos, upright models, player piano technology, acoustic pianos and digital pianos. Caruso Pianos is a family owned company that has been in the business of selling and servicing top quality pianos for 88 years. When you are in the market for a piano in Bristol County, start your search at Caruso Pianos. Caruso Pianos is well known for its inventory of high quality pianos, expert knowledge of all major piano brands, reliable piano delivery service, and its School Pianos sales program. We buy and sell pianos and offer a full complement of piano services from our New London Connecticut location.

Whether you may be shopping for your first piano, searching for the heirloom instrument of your dreams, or looking to maximize the potential of a piano you already own, trust Caruso Piano Gallery to serve all of your piano needs. Shop for a piano from an amazing selection of all major brands, let us help you restore your piano or transform it into a remarkable player piano. We have happy customers in 50 states and 37 countries, and we look forward to meeting you!


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Steinway Pianos for Sale in Barrington RI, Bristol RI

Caruso Piano Gallery is your Steinway Piano destination in the northeast. When shopping for a piano and you love the Steinway brand, venture out to Caruso Piano Gallery and see what we have for you in our beautiful showroom. The expert staff at Caruso Piano Gallery is known for pairing discriminating pianists with exquisite Steinway pianos. The Caruso Pianos New London showroom is a nice drive from Barrington and Bristol. Spend the day perusing our inventory of beautiful new and factory reconditioned Steinway grand pianos, semi-grand pianos, baby grand pianos and upright models in a variety of finishes.

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