Kawai Pianos for Sale in New London CT, Norwich CT

Caruso Piano Gallery suggests you sit down with a world-class Kawai Piano in our beautiful showroom. We are certain you will agree that our Kawai grands have rich, vivid, lyrical tones and expressive touch. Our friends in greater New London and Norwich know they will find the piano they desire at Caruso Piano Gallery. Caruso Pianos has new and factory reconditioned Kawai grand, upright, hybrid, digital and professional stage pianos. The Kawai brand's legacy as a manufacturer of fine pianos began in 1927. Kawai Musical Instruments is widely regarded within the piano community as one of the world's finest production piano builders. They are equal (if not superior) to Yamaha's Japan-made pianos in terms of build quality, durability, longevity, and musicality.

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